Become a member

Membership eligibility: desire to make a difference​

How to become a Soroptimist

RSVP to a lunch meeting

We meet nearly every Wednesday at 11:45 a.m. at Odd Fellows Lower Hall in downtown Davis. RSVP today.

Get matched with a mentor

Any Soroptimist in the club can sponsor you for membership. Our Membership Committee Chair can match you with a suitable mentor.

Pay your annual dues

Once you pay your annual dues to the club president, she will then register you as a Soroptimist with our federation. Dues are $175 per member per year (our year starts in June). If this is a hardship for you, just let us know.

Serve on at least one Soroptimist committee.

Committees are the cogs of our well-run club. With our myriad interests and projects, you are sure to find a committee that can make use of your passion, talents and expertise


Benefits of membership

Our Members

Soroptimists* for life

  • Wendy Weitzel, President
  • Emily Ziser, President-elect
  • Sandra Bachand, Coordinator of Calendar
  • Lorraine Beaman, Director of Programs
  • Evie Wright, Treasurer
  • Heather Carpenter, Assistant Treasurer
  • Meredith Sweet Silberstein, Secretary
  • Katherine Hess, Director of Membership
  • Julie Otto, Director of Fundraising
  • Eda Chen, Director of Public Awareness
  • Heather Barnes, Immediate Past President
  • Crystal Ross O’Hara, Parliamentarian
  • Brelle Albert
  • Elaine Barratt
  • Marcia Benham
  • Kim Berardi
  • Deberah Bernstein
  • Janice Bissell
  • Dee Clark
  • Ellie Cobarrubia
  • Lisa Fischer
  • Donna Gulsvig
  • Kaitlin Gotfried
  • Diana Harvey
  • Phyllis Himmel
  • Sandy Holman
  • Dianna Jensen
  • Andrea Jones
  • Tonya Keck
  • Danae Kelley
  • Jen Kukis
  • Janice Labadie, Sierra Nevada Region Past Governor
  • Autumn Labbe-Renault
  • Marnie Layton
  • Carol MacDonald
  • Maggie Memmott
  • Cathy Norman
  • Cindy Norris
  • Peggy Olivier
  • Genie Pak
  • Ramona Prieto
  • Lea Rosenberg
  • Cathy Ross-Price
  • Ann Ryther
  • Marisa Schaffer
  • Diana Schmiegel
  • Trista Stanley
  • Laurie Wedra
  • Karen Westphalen
  • Tasha Witt
  • Katy Zane

* Inclusivity is a top priority for our club. Our membership is open to all members of the community, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or occupation. As long as you are ready to work (and have boatloads of fun), we welcome you!

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